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The Greater Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network (SCAN) works in partnership with Public Health – Seattle & King County to help public health leaders respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

SCAN is working to support efforts to control coronavirus by providing public health leaders in the Greater Seattle/King County area with information about how the virus is spreading in the community. SCAN connects experts in medicine, science, and public health from across Seattle to help protect our community.

Your participation in SCAN will help us detect the spread of coronavirus. Regardless of whether you take part in SCAN, please help reduce the spread of coronavirus by following the latest guidelines from Public Health – Seattle & King County. That includes washing your hands, working from home if you’re able, staying home if you feel sick, and contacting your doctor right away if you are severely ill.

Step 1 Healthy and sick people in the community take their own nasal swabs at home and submit them to SCAN.

Step 2 SCAN tests the samples for presence of coronavirus.

Step 3 People who have coronavirus detected in their swabs are contacted by a healthcare worker on behalf of public health. More detailed results will be available for participants via our secure results portal.

Step 4 Results are used to understand where and how many people are sick with coronavirus in our area. This information will guide data-driven public health recommendations and guidelines for protecting our community.